CNRS Researcher
Station d’Ecologie Théorique et Expérimentale
CNRS, UMR 5321
2 route du CNRS, 09200 Moulis, France

Twitter: @StaffanJacob

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My interests lie in understanding the drivers of variability in phenotypic traits and their implications for eco-evolutionary dynamics. I particularly focus on traits involved in communication, cooperation, dispersal and host-microbes interactions. Depending on the question, I use various model species from vertebrates to microorganisms, in order to perform empirical and theoretical research both in natural and experimental systems. 

Currently, my two main projects focus on 1) the eco-evo of variability in dispersal strategies, and 2) the dynamics and function of protists in freshwater ecosystems (see below).


Eco-evo of variability in dispersal strategies

I am interested in understanding the drivers of dispersal movements and their consequences at the metapopulation and metacommunity levels. Individuals are increasingly recognized to adjust their dispersal decisions to their phenotype and the environmental conditions. Such non-random movements in the landscape might deeply alter meta-population, community and ecosystem functioning. Our understanding of the mechanisms and evolution of movement strategies is therefore crucial for our ability to understand and predict species and community evolution, especially under the current global environmental changes.

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Involved people:

  • Mathieu Brevet (PhD supervised by J. Clobert & S. Jacob; 2019-21)
  • Estelle Laurent (PhD supervised by N. Schtickzelle & S. Jacob; 2015-21)
  • Julie Campana (PhD supervised by S. Jacob & A. Chaine; 2020-22)
  • Allan Raffard (Postdoc supervised by N. Schtickzelle & S. Jacob; 2020-23)


  • ANR JCJC CHOOSE – Habitat choice: evolution and ecological consequences (S. Jacob; 2020-24)
  • PDR FNRS – Dispersal and eco-evolutionary dynamics (N. Schtickzelle & S. Jacob; 2019-23)

Main collaborators: Delphine Legrand, Nicolas Schtickzelle, Jean Clobert, Alexis Chaine, Bart Haegeman, Michèle Huet

Other involved collaborators: Emanuel Fronhofer, Julien Cote, Chad Pearson, Hervé Philippe, Michel Loreau, Dries Bonte

Eco-evo dynamics and function of protists in high mountain lakes

Ciliates play major roles in the ecological dynamics of aquatic communities, including the (de-)regulation of trophic state. Their sensitivity to environmental changes and the subsequent consequences for aquatic ecosystems is however poorly understood. In a project coupling quantification of microbial communities dynamics through eDNA in mountain lakes, and experimental approaches in microcosms, we study the sensitivity of ciliate communities to environmental changes, the underlying mechanisms, and the role of these changes for ecosystem functioning.

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Involved people:

  • Côme Marchais (M2 supervised by S Jacob & D Legrand)


  • PAPEL R&S Occitanie – Pressions Anthropiques et rôle des Protistes dans la régulation de l’Etat trophique des Lacs de montagne (S Jacob & D Legrand; 2020-22)
  • ZA PYGAR (S Jacob & D Legrand; 2019)
  • ONF Perpignan (S Jacob, D Legrand, S Blanchet, C Cocula, V Parmain; 2019)

Main collaborators: Delphine Legrand, Simon Blanchet, Didier Galop, Lucie Zinger, Hervé Philippe, Bart Haegeman, Michèle Huet, Nathalie Parthuisot, Morgane Gilbert, Ludovic Orlando, Florence Mazier, Sylvain Morvan, Magali Philippe, Guirrez Ollivier, Christophe Cocula, Vincent Parmain

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