Postdoc opportunities on freshwater microbial ecology/evolution and ecosystem functioning under environmental changes.

 We are seeking for a highly motivated candidate to join our project linking microbial ecology and ecosystem functioning under environmental changes. The project takes place at the Theoretical and Experimental Ecology Station (Moulis, France), a unique scientific center at the foothill of the Pyrenees Mountains that combines exceptional experimental setups, theoretical modelling approaches and access to diverse natural areas. We are coupling innovative experimental investigations (including laboratory microcosms and unique large-scale facilities: https://sete-moulis-cnrs.fr/en/services), and eDNA surveys in lakes and streams. Focal questions especially relate to protist community dynamics and adaptability, and their importance for primary productivity and decomposition rate, two key ecosystem functions in aquatic ecosystems.

Candidates are encouraged to contact Simon Blanchet (simon.blanchet@sete.cnrs.fr), Delphine Legrand (delphine.legrand@sete.cnrs.fr) and Staffan Jacob (staffan.jacob@sete.cnrs.fr) to discuss and build fellowship projects. Funding opportunities include e.g. CNRS Momentum and Marie-Currie fellowships, but may extend to other funding sources depending on the candidate interests.


Key references of the team:

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