If you are interested by my research and think about a BSc, MSc or PhD project, please feel free to contact me!

Côme Marchais: Social interactions and thermal niche in microcosms
M1 2019, SETE

Matthias Renoirt: Social environment and home range in the common lizard
M2 2019, SETE (co-supervised with Mathieu Brevet & Jean Clobert)

Mathieu Brevet: Social information use in dispersal in the common lizard
PhD 2018-2021, UCLouvain (co-supervision: Jean Clobert)

Estelle Laurent: Dispersal heterogeneity: causes and consequences in an unicellular ciliate organism in microcosms.
PhD 2015-…, UCLouvain (co-supervision: Nicolas Schtickzelle).

Boris Flotterer: Phenotypic plasticity or habitat choice? Evolution and consequences under environmental changes.
Master 2 thesis 2018 (co-supervision: Bart Haegeman).

Maëlle Lebrun: From non-random dispersal to metapopulation dynamics and local adaptation. Master thesis 2016, UCLouvain (co-supervision with Estelle Laurent and Nicolas Schtickzelle).

Morgane Bellec: Plasticity of cooperation and dispersal: density-dependent reaction norms in a ciliate.
Master 2 thesis 2015, M2 BEE, Toulouse (co-supervision: Jean Clobert).

Léa Boutault: The uropygial gland: a pro- or anti-microbial role?
Master 1 thesis 2015, M1 Ecology, Toulouse (co-supervision: Louis Sallé, Christine Ducamp & Alexis Chaine)

Léa Colmas: Do feather degrading bacteria actually degrade feather colour?
Master 2 thesis 2013, M2 BEE, Toulouse (co-supervision Philipp Heeb)

Anika Immer: Microbiome and uropygial gland secretions: an field experiment in Great tits.
Master 1 thesis 2013, M1 Ecology, Toulouse (co-supervision Philipp Heeb)

Anaïs Bataillard: Microbiome and plumage colouration in the Great tit
Master 2 thesis 2012, M2 BEE, Toulouse (co-supervision Philipp Heeb)

Charlotte Perrot: Role of microbiome in eggshell pigmentation in Great tits
Master 1 thesis 2012, M1 Ecology, Toulouse (co-supervision Philipp Heeb)

Marc Etchecopar Etchart: Phenotype and reproduction in Great and Blue tits
BSc thesis 2012, Toulouse

Arthur Avilez: Great tit uropygial gland secretions and ants: a repellent effect?
BSc thesis, 2012, Toulouse (co-supervision Pierre-Jean Malé)

Marion Roullin: Microbiome and hatching success in Great and blue tits
Master 1 thesis 2011, Rennes (co-supervision Philipp Heeb)

Jérémy Dupuy: Microbes, odour and water bathing in birds
Master 1 thesis 2011, M1 Ecology, Toulouse (co-supervision Philipp Heeb)