Positions, teaching and others


2018-present: CNRS researcher
Station d’Ecologie Théorique et Expérimentale (SETE)
UMR 5321, 09200 Moulis, France

2016-2018: Postdoc fellow (Move-In-Louvain Marie Curie action fellowship)
« Role of non-random dispersal in spatial heterogeneity of phenotypes and response to environmental changes »
Earth and Life Institute, UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve
QUAC team (Nicolas Schtickzelle)

2014-2016: Postoctoral Researcher (ANR)
« Evolution of dispersal and cooperation: individual heterogeneity and metapopulation dynamics »
Station d’Ecologie Experimentale de Moulis, CNRS, France
Supervisors: Alexis Chaine & Jean Clobert

2010-2013: PhD
« Microbiome, signalisation and reproduction: host-microbiome interactions in birds »
Laboratoire EDB, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France
Supervisors: Philipp Heeb

2009-2010: M.Sc
« Parent-offspring conflict and communication in European Starlings »
Laboratoire EDB, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France
Supervisors: Philipp Heeb


Grants, Awards & Fundings

2018: Extension of Move-In-Louvain Marie Curie Action fellowship
2016-17: Move-In-Louvain Marie Curie Action fellowship
2012:  Travel grant from the “International Society for Behavioral Ecology” to attend the 14th ISBE meeting, Lund, Sweden; 1300 €
2012:  Toulouse University Grant to visit Denis Hassequist at the Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab, Lund, Sweden; 700 €
2011:  TULIP grant (ANR-10-LABX-41); 5500 €
2010:  SEVAB Graduate School travel grant (Award for the best poster) to attend the 13th ESEB meeting, Tübingen, Germany; 750 €
2010:  BQR Lab grant (with P. Heeb); 4000 €
2010-13:  PhD supported by a scholarship from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research



Sexual selection, Master 2 BEE, UPS  (20 hours)
Popular science through documentary realisation, Master 2 GBI, UPS  (20 hours)
Behavioral Ecology, Licence 3 BOPE, UPS (30 hours)
Biomasse estimation, sampling strategies, Licence 3 BOPE, UPS (36 hours)
Techniques for estimation of population size, Licence 3 BOPE, UPS (60 hours)
Bio-statistics, Master 1 IUP, UPS (60 hours)
Basic statistics using R, Licence 2, UPS (4 hours)


Peer review activities

Ecology Letters, Evolution, Functional Ecology, Freshwater Biology, Oikos, Molecular Ecology, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Behavioral Ecology, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, Animal Behaviour, Journal of Avian Biology, Oecologia, Journal of Evolutionary Biology, Journal of Experimental Biology, Biology Letters, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, The Auk

Recommender for PCI Ecology


Technical skills

Next-Generation Sequencing (Illumina MiSeq; Metabarcoding approaches)
Field work experiments (Bird handling, mist-net trapping, blood sampling, PHA, Microbial sampling, Cloacal sampling)
Microbiology and cell culture (culture-based methods; Fingerprint (ARISA) analyses)
Biochemical analyses (GC-MS, Lysozyme, carotenoids and ovotransferrin measurements)
Spectrophotometric and Behavioral data analysis.
Statistical analyses and bioinformatics (R, Unix)


Popular science & Lab life

Workshop and meeting organisation (Microcosms and Dispersal 2014, Petit Pois Déridé 2011, Ecology and Behaviour 2015)

Organizer of the Journal Club (2010-2012, EDB, Toulouse, France; 2016-present ELIB, LLN, Belgium)

Popular science activities (Exposition conception and animation at Novela 2011 & 2012, Fête de la Science 2009-2010; Drôles d’oiseaux, Le conflit parents-jeunes. Novela 2012 (invited talk); L’idyllique relation parents-enfants (2010) Plume! (online publication); Communication parents-jeunes chez les oiseaux. Fête de la science 2009 (Poster); Effets maternels: une stratégie plastique des femelles. Fête de la science 2010 (Poster))